Sunday, March 21, 2010

Alex Jones and Steven Jones Message to the USA: Fear Everything

Just look how many links connect Alex Jones and Steven Jones! Alex provides a perfect venue for Steven. Steven's story about 9/11 is super-scary.

Steven Jones' Scary Story:

Arab Islamic militants hijacked airplanes and crashed them into various targets on 9/11. Our defenses failed to intercept the attacks because the US government was also behind the attacks! The US Government sponsored the hijackings. Also, the US government allowed thermite bombs to be placed in WTC 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 and part of Deustche Bank (aka Banker's Trust). The US government is covering up their own involvement in the crimes of 9/11 and after, and these people are coming for you and your guns.

Fear everyone. Fear us. Fear them. Everyone is out to get us! Run with your guns!

A More Likely Story:

A small group of people purchased a new electric weapon, and hired a tiny crew to operate the machine. This machine destroyed the WTC. Nobody understood what happened until Dr. Judy Wood figured it out.

Check out these funny spoof pics of Alex Jones seen on the following website

For all the evil, scary stuff that Alex Jones knows about, why is his only remedy to listen to him more often and buy his swag?

You don't need a blackbelt. You can sit behind your computer and fight every battle.

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