Friday, March 19, 2010

Thermite is Cool Stuff, But It Didn't Destroy the WTC

Thermite Is Cool Stuff, But It Didn't Destroy the WTC
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What is thermite?
What is nano-thermite?
What does thermite do?
What is the thermite reaction?
What are the thermite reaction products?
Did we see any of the thermite reaction products when the WTC was being destroyed?

Wikipedia is a good place to start.
Thermite is a pyrotechnic composition of a metal powder and a metal oxide, which produces an aluminothermic reaction known as a thermite reaction. Most varieties are not explosive, but can create short bursts of extremely high temperatures focused on a very small area for a short period of time.

Question: Did we see short bursts of extremely high temperatures during the destruction of the WTC?
No. People survived the dust cloud, therefore it was not the result of high heat.
Question: Did we see these bursts focused on a very small area?
No. The destruction was spread throughout the entire buildings.
Question: Did these bursts last a short period of time?
No. You could smell the building fumes months and perhaps years later. No thermite reaction takes years to proceed.
Quote: The thermite reaction releases dangerous ultra-violet (UV) light requiring that the reaction not be viewed directly, or that special eye protection (for example, a welder's mask) be worn.

Question: Is there any record of massive amounts of eye damage from people nearby who witnessed the destruction first hand?
None that I know about. Do you?

Quote: Super-thermite electric matches developed by LANL can create simple sparks, hot slag, droplet, or flames as thermal-initiating outputs to ignite other incendiaries or explosives.

Question: Were sparks, hot slag, droplet or flames seen in credible amounts during the moments of destruction of the WTC buildings?
Not really. If you look at the entire buildings as they were destroyed, you don't see any sparks, hot slag or droplets. You see white powder. That isn't sparks. There is one tiny video showing some orange sparks, but not really when you look at the large pictures. If an excessive amount of thermite were used to destroy the WTC, then you'd expect an excessive amount of thermite products to be released. This means orange sparks, and you could see none or almost none of this going on.

Quote: Historically, pyrotechnic or explosive applications for traditional thermites have been limited due to their relatively slow energy release rates. But because nanothermites are created from reactant particles with proximities approaching the atomic scale, energy release rates are far improved.

Question:Does increased energy release rate mean increased total energy produced?
No. The total amount of energy released is exactly the same with a given amount of thermite. The very finely ground nature of nano-thermite only allows the reaction to proceed to conclusion at a faster rate, not produce more heat.

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  1. I agree completely that thermite did not destroy the World Trade Center. The World Trade Center was destroyed by two planes that were hijacked by Al Qaida terrorists working for Osama bin Laden.

    All of the evidence supports this. Not just some of it. ALL of it.

    How do you explain the thousands of eyewitnesses who saw with their own eyes (NOT on video) planes crash into the towers--and the physical evidence of the planes found in the wreckage? There's simply no question that planes crashed into the World Trade Center. None whatsoever.