Monday, March 15, 2010

What's this about James Fetzer being a perp?

What's going on with Fetzer is that, either he is a meddler and a complete wreck of a 9/11 researcher, or he's a perp. I choose to hope that he is actually just a mess, because that means he can change.

What Fetzer has been doing is stirring the controversies around 9/11 instead of getting to the heart of the matter and supporting real research. The thing about thermite is completely bogus. Thermite doesn't do what Steven Jones and Niels Harrit says thermite does. It's just fact. It's a scary thing that these people could persist in such ridiculous efforts to support the thermite theory when it is not true.

Thermite turns into hot molten orange globs of steel, but the buildings turned to white powder. Don't tell me thermite doesn't cause everything to look white because it looks orange.

One of the things I learned in high school was that chemical reactions have a particular color, and I made it through 5 years of graduate level biochemistry to get my doctorate, so I'm not easily confused on something like this.

I saw the one video of orange stuff coming out one window of the WTC. I'm not unaware of this video. But I also saw many videos of the entire building turning into white powder and zero globs of orange molten metal.

Also, if thermite caused the WTC to disappear, then the dust cloud would have been hot and it wasn't hot. People I know survived the dust cloud.

Anyone who claims to be a scientist and supports the thermite theory at the same time is either a bad scientist or a perpetrator. This includes Steven Jones and James Fetzer.

Kind regards and please ask more questions,
Tracy Postert, PhD

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